World, Meet salesAI

Since December of 2017, ScaleX has served dozens of customers, delivered literally millions of sales activities (including phone, email, and social), and we learned a valuable lesson – YOUR SDRS AND BDRS KICK-ASS!

I’m not saying ScaleX BDRs aren’t equally impressive, I’m saying that powered by salesAI, your BDRs (and SDRs) can be as productive as ours are!

Which is why I decided to launch a new brand – salesAI (  The website is still in it’s infancy (just a few days old), but the concept is simple – delivers sales acceleration as a service, powered by artficial intelligence (with our BDRs).  salesAI provides your sales team with salesAI so that they can be more effective.

Complete with onboarding & training, best practices, and all of the sales operations and sales enablement heavy lifting required to accelerate your sales activities, pipeline and bookings by 3-5X.

If sounded like a great concept to you before, but you have your own sales team, salesAI suite will give your sales team the same lift we’ve been providing for clients for the past year.

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