Will the Real AI For Sales Players Please Stand Up!?

Last quarter, you received a cheesy email about hamsters – and how we sometimes feel like we’re stuck on a hamster wheel at times, and for that I am sorry! In 2019, you can expect to see quarterly updates keeping you up to date on all things AI For Sales.

The Mission of AI For Sales: To explore the possibilities of AI For Sales to bring sales to the next level of professionalism and performance.

The History of AI For Sales: As a Sr. Director of Worldwide Sales Development for RingCentral, a publicly traded company, I managed a team of more than 100 sales professionals – including SDRs (Sales Development Representatives who managed inbound lead) and BDRs (Business Development Representatives responsible for outbound prospecting). My biggest frustration – there was no documented process to generate the most pipeline and bookings! This is how ScaleX.ai, BDR.ai and SDR.ai came about. Today ScaleX.ai is committed to leveraging AI to enhance the sales professional’s ability to do their jobs more effectively, and to crush their quotas!

AI For Sales 2019:

AI Events 2019 – https://www.scalex.ai/ai-events-2019

Vengreso Top 33 Sales Books 2019 – https://vengreso.com/blog/best-sales-books-comprehensive-list

In this quarterly update, I’ve shared some companies who are at the bleeding edge of AI For Sales!

AI For Sales Hiring

GrowthPlay (https://growthplay.com/) – A data-driven approach to sales effectiveness, training and coaching.  I met Tracey wik, CEO of GrowthPlay at Sales 3.0/Vegas in Q4 of 2018. What I learned is that GrowthPlay uses AI for sales hiring.

AI For Prospecting

BDR.ai (https://www.bdr.ai) – Automated Business Development. For just $599/month, BDR.ai will send up to 100 personalized emails per day on your behalf. More personalized emails, more meetings, more bookings.

AI For Lead Conversions

SDR.ai (https://www.sdr.ai) – Optimized Sales Development. SDR.ai optimizes speed-to-lead and touches per lead to maximize conversion rates. One customer saw conversion rates on leads increase by 100% (from 7.5% to 15% conversion in < 90 days).

AI For Sales Analytics

Aviso (https://www.aviso.com) – Close more deals with AI. Aviso’s AI-powered platform for sales has helped customers close 20% more deals.

SalesChoice (https://www.saleschoice.com) – Beat your numbers, every month, quarter, year.

SalesDirector.ai (https://www.salesdirector.ai) – Build a salesforce that scales. The only conversational AI Assistant for Sales Coaching. What that means is that after a sales call, your sales reps get an email asking for data from the sales call – who said what, who signs, timeline, impact questions (Keenan would like that!), and more. All done through SMS – genius!

AI For Sales is not going anywhere – companies will continue to embrace and deploy the technology to achieve higher and higher sales targets.  If you haven’t seen Black Mirror on Netflix, check it out, makes you think.

Here’s to a great 2019! #AIForSales


Chad Burmeister

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