What I learned at #B2BMX

The B2B Marketing Exchange has had one mission: to empower our community by spotlighting all that’s new in B2B. Held right after the New Year, the event is designed to get you and your team not only inspired but prepared to tackle the latest trends, market conditions and buyer realities with gusto.

What I took away from the 2019 event:

  1. Revenue Marketing is the new ideal situation for companies – where sales and marketing live under one organization and drive one mission – revenue!
  2. Personalization is essential! Digital outreach has gone wild – lining up the right content to the right buyers at the right time can make your head spin, companies like Bombora help you do it more effectively.
  3. Friends are awesome! Getting to hang out with my friends from DiscoverOrg, RingCentral, and Reachforce, and VanillaSoft, and even friends from high school, and locals from when I lived in Scottsdale, AZ years ago.. life is good. Meeting new friends is pretty cool too – Bombora, TechConnectr, so many more. Thanks to everyone who is a friend of mine, and a friend of ScaleX.ai!

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