What can we learn from SalesForce.com’s Top-of-Funnel analysis?

By Jay Revels, Managing Director, ScaleX.ai

What comes to mind when you look at the graph below from Salesforce.com?  `Follow the money!’  `What channels are producing deals and revenue for the business?’

It can be easy to forget what matters, which is revenue, when there are so many marketing options to consider.  It’s not uncommon to simply follow the path of least resistance and focus on the things we know best.  Staying busy is not a metric anyone cares about, nor is preserving the status quo a good strategy.

I also thought about my sales team and their daily effort as well.  Are their channels here that I can use AI technology to drive more automation?  Though more automation, can I refocus attention on channels that drive more revenue?

Let me know what you see.  This chart has been around for a while, and I think it continually deserves a revisit. Click here to view the full article! Hint: Referrals and warm intros are #1, and AI can help you with that!


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