Virtual Assistants Helped Us Build a 7 Figure Business in < 12 Months

As a sales leader, I used to often joke with my sales teams and say “if you can’t execute your daily metrics and KPIs, then why do I need you?” Over the years, it became apparent that the answer to the question is that sometimes the best reps didn’t actually reach their KPIs, but they still hit (and in some cases crushed) their quotas.

It still pained me to see a rep at 125% of quota, and 50% of their outbound target. What if they could have been at 100% of 150% of their outbound KPIs!

The more teams I managed, and the more I learned about AI For Sales, the more I realized that as a leader it was my job to ensure that the outbound KPIs were achieved. Huh?

Since launching ScaleX in December 2017, we had $337k in sales in the first month, and in under 12 months built a 7 figure business.

How did ScaleX achieve 7 figure sales in < 12 months?

  1. Great Data (DiscoverOrg is hands down the best)
  2. Virtual Assistants for digital outreach. Simply set a quota for new emails and social touches/day, click go, let the AI schedule meetings (not just send emails, but actually interact with the prospect, answer questions, and schedule meetings). Every time I want to target a new market – data + virtual assistants + one-click conversations. Simple strategy – 7 figure returns.
  3. Dials. One-Click Conversations. Companies who are requiring their reps to make manual dials not only piss off their sales teams, but they see higher turnover and spend 5X more than they should on a per dial basis.

Check out a few of the recent webinars and Podcasts where I talk in detail about AI For Sales:

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