UT – Dallas, AI for Sales Summit

Imagine if you knew to 96% reliability that RingCentral stock would finish up $3.46 on Wednesday, October 31st.  Now imagine you invested $5,000 in RNG stock options and made $9,500 on the trade, in one day!  At UT Dallas, on November 1, 2018, more than 125 business leaders, students and a few leading professors at UT Dallas gather for a day of learning with speakers like Dr. Marylou Tyler, Author of Predictable Prospecting, Steve D’Angelo, President of Aviso, Roy Raanani, CEO of Chorus.ai and many more.

In the AI For Sales Session with Steve D’Angelo, Erik Martinez, and Chad Burmeister, Chad opened up with a thought experiment – what if you knew to 96% certainty that RNG stock would finish up $3.46.  Well it did.  And this is what AI For Sales can do for sellers – give them the tools that allow them to make better decisions. Who to contact, what email will get the best reply rate, what tone to use on a telephone call (with Joy.ai), and much much more.



Steve shared how Aviso pulls in two years of closed/won deals, and then tracks every change in CRM every 5-10 minutes.  As a result, Aviso can tell the VP of Sales, CEO, and CFO where a company will finish against the forecast to within 92-96% accuracy, on the first day of a quarter!  And, Aviso can provide insights into the sales leaders, and sales reps, about which opportunities need more work, and which opportunities are a lock.



Then Chad showed how ScaleX.ai One-Click Personalization uses AI to track reply rates across millions of emails to present the best possible personalization sentences to drive reply rates.  See the graph below – how would you like 8.79X reply rate?


And finally, Erik Martinez, President of BD Acceleration, showed how his company uses Chorus.ai to coach sales professionals on how to have better sales conversations (hint: it’s different for a discovery call then it is for a cold call).


Dr. Howard Dover was a great host of this event, and the 100+ attendees asked great questions.  Dallas, the #4 place in the country for sales and sales leaders, is booming – thanks to UT-Dallas, Howard, Jerome, and all of the students and faculty!

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