ScaleX University

We’re looking for sales thought leaders to contribute content to ScaleX University!

2/18/20 – Introducing University!

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to ScaleX University, please schedule a time with Chad Burmeister, our CEO, here:

Are you a sales thought leader looking to share your content with the world to make the world of sales a better place? Having attended Flip The Script in Denver hearing from Becca Holland (, Josh Braun (a living legend in sales), and Taft Love, we decided it’s time to put all cutting edge content in one place.

About ScaleX University: ScaleX U is purpose-built for sales professionals who want to crush their quota and make a difference in the sales profession. Content will be delivered in these three core areas:

Mindset – As artificial intelligence empowers sales professionals to focus on higher-value work, an abundance mindset is more important than ever. In this track, the sales professional will learn from experts including Holly Duckworth, Gerhard Gschwandtner, and dozens more through webinars, podcasts, and other channels.

Skillset – As the sales profession continues to bifurcate into specialist roles such as Prospecting, SMB, Major Accounts, Enterprise, Account Management, and more, ScaleX University will provide online e-Learning modules for the sales professionals to get a certificate in all of it!

Toolset – AI for Sales not only promises to provide air-cover for sales professionals to help them drive top-of-funnel sales activities more effectively but also AI for Sales provides air-cover for middle and bottom-of-funnel with technology like conversation intelligence. ScaleX University provides short 10-15 minute tutorials on getting the most out of your favorite sales tools.