Trust the Process

75 and 253.

That’s the record of the Philadelphia 76ers over the past 4 years. But there is a silver lining, and his name is Jake Reynolds. Jake is the Chief Revenue Office of the Philadelphia 76ers, and Vice President of Ticket Sales & Services of the New Jersey Devils, and he is a millennial BAD ASS.

Why? Because although they had the worst record in the NBA, their ticket sales have been #1 – off the charts better than anyone else. Before you continue reading, play this song in the background – Living in the Hall of Fame. This is the culture that Jake has created to sell tickets. To the point where his employees rank culture as the #1 reason why they love their jobs (95%). He says “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Here is a link to a short video from Sales 3.0 featuring Jake –

Typically in sports, your sales will closely trail your teams performance – not so with Jake Reynolds. Talent + Culture = Results that defy logic.

I get the goosebumps when I think about my superstar sellers over the years from Brad Munro at Riverbed Technology, Richard Moustirats, Coy Ibanez, Jesse Feldman, Jess Taclas, then Chris Hoyt at ON24, Evan Kesner, Nick Bontkowski, Shannon Johnson, just to name a few. ConnectAndSell it was Erik Martinez, Jim Sexton, Jourdan DuFort (who invented “I realize I’m an interruption, do you have 27 seconds so I can tell you why I called?”, Nick Fowler, and so many more superstars.  RingCentral had just as many superstars – Josh Bordner (Captain of the Boston College football team), Lanier Pegues, Dustin Perry, to name a few.

How to create culture:

  1. Culture matters
  2. Commitment to building world-class culture
  3. Agreed on shared value and vision

Book to read – “Leadership and Self Deception”.

Thanks Jake Reynolds for sharing your team’s story – it’s inspiring, and it changes the game for sales teams everywhere!


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