Top SKO Speakers

“Speakers are win or lose; either they wowed the audience or they didn’t. There is no middle ground.” Keenan, A Sales Guy

Speaker Quotes from SKO attendees


Keenan, A Sales Guy

Keenan is quite possibly the most likable person I have ever met. When he walks into a room, everyone immediately smiles. His infectious (in a good way) personality is equally matched by his knowledge of social selling, sales best practices, sales talent acquisition and personal branding . Keenan can take complex ideas and explain and then solve them in a manner that is easy for people to understand. He is bad ass! If you haven’t got a Keenan hug – then you are missing out. Everyone in sales needs to check out – A Sales Guy!
Mario Martinez, Vengreso

Mario presented at my semiannual national sales meeting and did an outstanding job of re-enforcing the importance of social selling in today’s business environment. His insights into LinkedIn and suggestions for makeovers of our LinkedIn profiles has already yielded demonstrable upticks in connections and SSI scores!
Kristy West, Bravespace

Kristy’s ability to maximize each contact without the use of sales speak is legendary. Her impeccable people skills and willingness to serve her clients, over and beyond the call of duty, are valuable assets to any customer-focused organization.

A consummate professional, she was always willing to support the staffing team with her enthusiasm and “can-do” attitude. I’ve never met anyone with the ability to squeeze more productive time in one day, without complaining or murmuring.

Chad Burmeister,

There are people who do a job – go to work every day and then go home with little enthusiasm for what they do. Chad is the opposite. He loves sales and loves technology. He is passionate about growing companies and building sales teams. He is committed to the people on his teams such that they perform at their highest levels because of his leadership. I call up Chad 3-4 times a year with inside sales related questions. He is a true innovator in a world where the word has become cliche. He has also become a great friend over the years. I’m glad to know Chad and meet many others who feel the same way. I can’t recommend him more highly as the leader of a sales team and as a person.
Amanda Hammett

I was given the nickname of the “Millennial Translator” by a group of college students after one of my many college speaking engagements. These days, I’m putting that name to good use helping companies get the most out of top millennial talent. For over 15 years, I have proven that I not only know and understand corporate America, but I also know and understand the millennials themselves.