Tesla vs. Bugatti and the cost of “ammo”

For anyone who knows me, I’ve always had a dream of owning a Bugatti, but it’s always been a long-shot because to afford such a beast, I’d need to save up $3M….  until now.  The Tesla Roadster will deliver a faster car, with a longer range at a much much lower cost.

How does this comparison relate to the work that we’re doing at ScaleX?  Turns out, the math is quite similar. 

At $200,000 (for the price of the Tesla), you could hire 2 BDRs for $50,000/year. Then give them the ScaleX tech stack for a year – AI for personalization, sales engagement for email and process, ConnectAndSell for speed.  What you get is 250,000 highly personalized sales activities in 1 year, 800 – 1,200 meetings, and one very happy CEO because for the same cost, you delivered the same amount of pipeline and the same amount of bookings.

Or you could invest $3M in a year (the price of the Bugatti).  You could hire 20 BDRs to drive 50 sales activities/day, 3 managers, a Director, multiple Salesforce.com licenses, office space, and before you know it, you are at $3M/year. What you get is 250,000 somewhere personalized sales activities in 1 year, 800 – 1,200 meetings, and one pissed of CEO because you blew $3M!

What could be better than that? Invest the $3M using multi-channel sales acceleration.  Now, you get 15X the market coverage for the same $3M investment!  3.75M sales activities, 12,500 meetings, and the happiest CEO you’ve ever seen because you just showed him or her how to 15X sales productivity for the same amount of spend.

Want to totally dominate your market? Maybe your CEO has given you the directive – “talk to everyone in the market next year”, and the market is 10M people. You have two choices from the math above, invest $5 to $8 per activity, or invest < $1/activity.  It’s like buying less expensive ammo to get more market coverage.

Our team is equipped and eager to help you navigate the math of multi-channel sales acceleration and what it can mean for your business.

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