Matthew McDarby

Matthew McDarby, President of United Sales Resources (“USR“), Managing Director of Specialized Sales Systems, and author of “The Cadence of Excellence: Key Habits of Effective Sales Managers.”

Matt has coached and advised hundreds of sales leaders and their sales forces in a wide range of industries, helping them to win new business and dramatically increase revenue. He started his sales management coaching and advisory business in 2010 when he noticed an under-served need. Sales managers serve in the pivotal role in any business, and Matt attacked the opportunity to serve and develop them by starting his company and turning his back on the traditional sales training business model.

Matt is focused on giving back to the market he has participated in for the last fourteen years by shaking up traditional models, delivering maximum value to clients for a fair price, and being the best diagnostician he can possibly be.  Matt’s mission in business is to help people see opportunities they would not have otherwise recognized, to acknowledge and address problems that are keeping them from growing, and to help them arrive at new or different ways to achieve their most important objectives."