At ScaleX, we don’t subscribe to publishing fancy product names, we believe in good old-fashioned grit!  That’s why all of our solutions are tailor-made for each customer that we work with. The core of our offering – Multi-Channel Sales Acceleration.  Put simply, we provide 5-10X more personalized sales activity then your internal team can deliver, at about the same cost.

What marketers say about ScaleX – “Our internal sales team was hit or miss with the leads we sent them.  Typically, little to no notes were logged in, a couple of call attempts, and then a downgraded lead.  With ScaleX, we get a service level agreement to deliver however many touches we want against however many leads we give them!  And as a result of this attention to detail, our conversion rates are world class, and as many have said, beyond world class.”

What sales leaders say about ScaleX – “ScaleX helped us RAISE the bar for our internal SDR team.  We didn’t know if 1,200 sales activities per month was a good thing or a bad thing.  ScaleX showed us what’s possible. After a 3 month pilot, we saw a 5X increase in sales activities and a 2X increase in demos set.  “It’s just math,” as our good friend Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell says.  More sales activity leads to more meetings, more pipeline, and more bookings.”

After multiple engagements, our clients recognize value in the meetings that they receive from the program, and of equal benefit is seeing the entire team increase activity by 300 – 500%.  Consider a team of 10 SDRs at 1,200 sales activities per month, booking 100 total demos/month.  After scaleX, the same sales team books 2X more demos/month (200+ demos).  Whether you subscribe to the TOPO methodology, Sirius Decisions Demand Waterfall, CEB Challenge Sale, or the Bridge Group, there aren’t sales without meetings.  ScaleX helps you raise the bar on meetings.  Marketing is happy, sales is happy, the board is happy.

ScaleX Solutions:

  • ScaleX 2.5X (Quartely) – ScaleX designs the optimal multi-channel channel sales acceleration playbook for you. Then we follow through on executing that playbook, transforming your account based strategy into immediate, sustainable results. With Scale X 2.5, you’ll see 30,000 sales activities delivered in < 3 months.
  • ScaleX 10X (Annual) – Once designed and executed, ScaleX delivers on-demand sales training for your internal sales professionals to improve their meetings, pipeline and bookings with similar results to our team. Your in-house Reps will deliver 10X sales productivity in 12 months using our proven tech stack + proven processes.
  • ScaleX 100X (In-house) – To optimize outcomes for your sales organization, training your managers is imperative.  The sales curriculum that ScaleX delivers for your managers gives them the tools & technology to enable them to be more effective sales coaches, manage to the daily/weekly key performance indicators, and close more deals in shorter time.
  • ScaleX Coaching as a Service (Weekly and Ongoing) – Let’s face it, most sales reps require hands-on coaching to improve their sales conversations. Yet most managers don’t have the skills or the capacity to deliver effective training. partners with Specialized Sales Systems to deliver world class sales training, on a weekly basis, to insure that SDRs and BDRs don’t “drift” from what is working, and to help them improve their skill set to become better sales professionals.