Data as a service

We help you identify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Accounts, and then source leads from best-of-breed data providers including ZoomInfo, DiscoverOrg, and Lead411

Dials (agent-assisted)

Technology that gets your best sales reps (or ours on your behalf) 8-10x more live conversations with qualified prospects, every day


Companies typically only use 3% of what their employees' professional networks have to offer. ScaleX SocialFlow unlocks the remaining 97%, typically finding hundreds of deals sitting dormant.

Digital outreach

ScaleX executes 5-7X more (and higher-quality) digital outreach through email, social and digital paid-ads than you would see delivered by an entry-level SDR or BDR.

Digital Sales Platform Digital Sales Platform executes hundreds of social sales activities per day. Typical clients see 25 to 100 replies per month from their best prospects


If you want to connect with the C-Suite with a list of 25, 50, or 1000 prospects, the ScaleX BigBoard approach may be right for you. Client regularly see 50 - 75% conversion from physical mailer to meeting conversion rates.

ready to generate more sales with ai?

Plans start at just $500/month!


Per month

  • Social Sales Platform
  • Up to 100 Profile Views/day
  • Up to 100 Connection Requests per day
  • Sequencing Messaging
  • Up to 100 InMails per day
  • Expected Outcomes: 25 - 100 replies/mo
  • Typically 5-10 meetings

10,000 sales activities/month

  • Data (1,000 leads/mo)
  • Digital Outreach (email, social, paid-ads)
  • Dials (3,000 dials/mo)
  • Expected Outcomes: Varies by customer
  • Typically 10 - 25 meetings per month

AI-Augmented social

  • Leverage AI to potentially locate hundreds of hidden deals in your employees' networks
  • Save thousands of hours wasting time mining social networks
  • Don't spam your TAM!
  • Relationship prospecting generates meetings that are 181X more likely close!
  • Expected Outcomes: 10 - 20 meetings per month per campaign
"ScaleX enabled us to generate 173 opportunities in < 2 quarters."
Frank Swain
CRO, Instana

Frequently asked questions

ScaleX leverages artificial intelligence and sales automation to automate up to 75% of a sales reps tasks so that they can focus on higher value work

ScaleX Social Sales Platform (formerly known as is $497/month.

ScaleX Virtual BDR (BDR as a Service) to deliver data + digital outreach + dials is customizable to meet your needs

ScaleX BigBoards varies

ScaleX SocialFlow varies

Companies who either can’t afford to hire a full time SDR or BDR (Sales or Business Development Representative) or companies who want to augment their in-house sales¬† team with outsourced Virtual BDRs that are 7-10X more productive.

As the Sr. Director for Global Sales Development at RingCentral, Chad Burmeister, CEO of ScaleX, was frustrated that his sales team of over 100 wasted hours and hours doing “research” on companies to call and on messaging that wasn’t vetted or approved that often led to sub-par results. By coupling best of breed data with sales acceleration technology, he was able to increase MQL to SQL conversions from 8 to 18% in under 90 days. And by leveraging the ScaleX solution stack, create a team of nearly 50 outbound BDRs who consistently delivered 12 – 18 meetings per month.

ScaleX is always looking for sales associates to represent the ScaleX solutions.  Visit to learn more. is an AI for Sales company that helps sales teams focus on the only two things that matter in sales – frequency and competency. Contact Us

Our clients say

"So here is the feedback. You guys are doing f*%ing great, that's the feedback."
cory bray
CEO | ClozeLoop
"We trust Chad. When he tells us to do something, we do it."
CRO | ClicData
" enabled us to generate 173 opportunities with F1000 accounts in < 2 quarters."
Frank Swain
CRO | Instana
"I've known Chad for almost ten years and the companies that he has helped scale include the best of the best including Cisco-WebEx, Riverbed Technology, ON24, ConnectAndSell, and RingCentral"
Alice Heiman
CEO | Alice Heiman, LLC