Solutions, personalization at scale, powered by artificial intelligence, delivers market domination and scale as a competitive weapon.

ScaleX Outsourced Solutions:

  • ScaleX Virtual BDR – ScaleX delivers 700% more sales activities/year and 200% more pipeline and bookings by combining enhanced messaging (powered by AI), Just-In-Time Data, a Virtual Assistant for email and social, and an experienced BDR to drive 100+ dials/day.
  • ScaleX Enhanced Messaging – ScaleX uses AI to determine your buyer personality and buyer type. Then we select four likely influencers at each of your target prospects. Then we write highly personalized LinkedIn, Email, and Call Scripts for each buyer personality and buyer type.

ScaleX Technology Stack:

  • ScaleX Personalized Selling Platform – ScaleX delivers the complete Personalization at Scale Suite for your sellers to make BDRs super-BDRs, and AEs as productive as BDRs, powered by one-click personalization and conversation automation!
  • Just-In-Time Data (TM) – Just-In-Time data provides real-time data for the sales professional, complete with phone and email, of contacts who meet your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile).
  • One-Click Personalization (TM) – One-Click Personalization allows Business Development Representatives to customize emails to prospective customers with a single click of a button.  What used to take 5-10 minutes, can now be completed in seconds, which allows our BDRs to deliver 100 – 200 personalized emails per day, leading to more meetings with more prospects.
  • One-Click Conversations (TM) – One-Click Conversations allows a BDR to push a button, and talk to a hard to reach prospect within just a few minutes.  By coupling one-click conversations with one-click personalization, personalization at scale is truly possible.
  • One-Click Social (TM) – One-Click Social allows a BDR to set-up a LinkedIn outreach plan, push a button, and execute the plan.
  • Coaching as a Service – Let’s face it, most sales reps require hands-on coaching to improve their sales conversations. Yet most managers don’t have the skills or the capacity to deliver effective training. partners with Specialized Sales Systems to deliver world-class sales training, on a weekly basis, to ensure that SDRs and BDRs don’t “drift” from what is working, and to help them improve their skill set to become better sales professionals.

What does Sales & Marketing say about

What marketers say about ScaleX – “Our internal sales team was hit or miss with the leads we sent them.  Typically, little to no notes were logged in, a couple of call attempts, and then a downgraded lead.  With ScaleX, we get a service level agreement to deliver however many touches we want against however many leads we give them!  And as a result of this attention to detail, our conversion rates are world class, and as many have said, beyond world class.”

What sales leaders say about ScaleX – “ScaleX helped us RAISE the bar for our internal BDR team.  We didn’t know if 1,200 sales activities per month was a good thing or a bad thing.  ScaleX showed us what’s possible. After a 3 month pilot, we saw a 5X increase in sales activities and a 2X increase in demos set. More sales activity equals more meetings, more pipeline, and more bookings.