ScaleX Social Flow

Would it surprise you to learn that buying a list, and doing email blasts to that list is a pretty low-performing strategy for outbound? If you run an SDR/BDR team, you get this. If you are a sales leader, perhaps it hasn’t sunk in yet that there are 10X more SDRs/BDRs than there were 7 years ago, and they do 2-5X more sales activities than they did back then. Email is crowded.

Harnessing the power of personal connections, SocialFlow does three things better than anyone else; 1. help companies monetize the professional relationships employees have cultivated over their careers, 2. get warm introductions to high-dollar prospects that can materially impact quota attainment, and 3. do so at scale, across entire organizations.

According to Chad Burmeister, CEO of ScaleX, “Successful outbound requires a perfect mix of quality and quantity. With the launch of SocialFlow, we’re further enhancing the quality that our clients have come to expect. This is truly the first-ever AI for Social Selling engine on the market today!”

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