– Please help us sponsor the University of Houston Sales Institute

Is your company looking for exposure with the #1 sales school in the country?! On April 25th – 26th, Cassandra can use your help!

Sponsorships start at just $2,000, and depending on the level of sponsorship, you can bring 2-5 people, and at the Platinum level you even get a one day Leadership Seminar provided by the professors!

About the UH Sales Institute:

The program is the Nation’s leading sales program!  All students earn at least 200 hours of live sales training! Students are tasked with meeting real quotas by selling the spectacular events that we host. For the first time we are hosting the Digital Sales Summit and Awards!

The DSSA has been created by the Stephen Stagner Sales Excellence Institute to promote the development and progression of digital transformation in the areas of leadership, structure, operations, technology, and innovation. Through the intellectual input provided by the academics and professions in the sales industry, we hope to enhance the advancement of digital sales globally.

Please reach out directly to: to learn more!

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  1. After having a video call on RingCentral Meetings (powered by Zoom), if Cassandra is representative of the students, UH sales school is incredible! Great demeanor, focus, and drive. Go for it!

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