Personalization at Scale: Can you tell which email was written by a bot?

At Sales 3.0 on Monday, will reveal to the world what has been under lock and key for the past 6 months – personalization at scale, powered by artificial intelligence.  After interviewing literally dozens of AI experts from around the world, we’ve deployed what we believe will change the world of selling, forever.

Come see us at Sales 3.0 in San Francisco – there are just 3 free passes remaining!

Can you tell which of these three emails was written by a bot? ANSWER: All three. brings together:

  1. AI-Powered Personalization
  2. Predictive Intelligence
  3. Coaching as a Service
  4. Conversation Acceleration
  5. Social Selling

All under one solution that delivers 10,000 sales activities per BDR per month, typically resulting in 25 – 50 meetings per month.

Give your company a smarter, faster, better way to accelerate sales & increase revenue, visit to learn more about this powerful game-changing technology.


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