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When I posted this actual client dashboard on LinkedIn on Friday, didn’t realize that it didn’t show how many BDRs that this took in 82 days to drive 113 meetings.

Would it surprise you to know that answer is 2!

Would it also surprise you to know that on average, the cost per meeting was $506.94, compared to $1,700+ for in-house meetings set?

Consider all that your company invests for BDRs, Managers, Technology, data, conversation intelligence, CRM, etc. etc.

Mr. or Mrs. CFO, what if you knew you could 2.5X sales activities while reducing spend on BDR by 65%?

Mr. or Mrs. VP Sales, what if you could hire 2 SUPERSTAR BDRs, instead of 10 that are “average”?

Mr. or Mrs. “Laggard” – if you are reading this and saying, “this can’t work”, then I suggest you opt out of the newsletter and stick with what you know.


For instance: A team of 8 BDRs with 1 BDR Manager booking 10 meetings/month per BDR.

BDRs, $80k x 8 = $640k

BDR Manager, $120k x 1 = $120k

CRM, Data, Tech Stack = $75k

Sales Training = $50k

Leads = $50k

Misc costs = $75k

Total: $1M

Total Sales Activities: 100,000 ($10/sales activity)

Total Meetings: 576

Total Cost/Meeting: $1,736.11 


Betamax, meet VHS, VHS meet Netflix. Brick and morter, meet Blackberry meet iPhone. Traditional “BDR’ing” meet


Now consider a team of 2 BDRs, using Multi-Channel Sales Acceleration, powered by Artificial Intelligence

BDRs, $120k x 2 = $240k (might as well hire the best, since you only need 2!)

BDR Manager, Not required, remote sales coaching included

CRM, Data, Tech Stack = $125,000

Sales Training = INCLUDED


Misc costs = NA

Total: $365,000

Total Sales Activities: 250,000 ($1.46/sales activity)

Total Meetings: 720

Total Cost/Meeting: $506.94


The moral of this case study Рif you want to spend less on BDRs and get the same outcomes, you can save 65%, or $650,000 per year.  If you prefer to spend the same $$$ and get more meetings/pipeline and dominate your market, you can 3-5X more meetings using Multi-Channel Sales Acceleration, Powered by AI.

Whether you want to save money, or make more money, AI for Sales can help you do either!



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