– “Land & Expand”

This week, I met with 10 prospective clients and 2 customers who are just kicking off with us. In almost every case, the term “land and expand” comes up. The market is so crowded these days that if you can get even a small foothold in a big account, its harder for your competition to get in, and easier for you to expand your footprint over time.

As I walk through the value proposition of ScaleX, that we’ll deliver personalized Multi-Channel Sales Playbooks at scale, and that our “bullets” cost $1.15 vs. in-hour “bullets” or SDRs cost $7 – $10 (and usually are not personalized), CEOs and VPs of Sales get it, and at the end of the 30 minute phone call usually ask for a contract.

Where is this all headed? Combining phone, email, and social media is hard! The term “don’t try this at home comes to mind”.

The value of a meeting varies a lot from customer to customer. Do you know what your lifetime value of a customer is?  Do you know the value of a meeting with your Tier A, Tier B, and Tier C accounts? Do you know which accounts fall into which tier?

I believe you’ll see in 2018, that more and more companies outsource the “land” part of the funnel to companies like ScaleX. Why? Because it’s just not easy to integrate and manage to the highest levels of optimal performance.


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