What’s the Big Deal About AI For BDRs?

Seriously people, what’s the big deal about “AI for sales”? Can’t my BDR team continue to deliver the 4-10 meetings per month on 50 sales activities/day? They are doing their best, and they are really nice people!?

ANSWER: SURE, if you want to put your job at risk, and the job of your SDRs and BDRs at risk.

I’m not trying to be shocking here – I’m being real, transparent, and sounding the warning buzzer!  We’ve hit the 2-minute warning, if your team delivers 6-10 meetings/month per BDR then you are the Cavs and you are down by 2 points against the Golden State Warriors, and they have the ball!

What’s the big deal? Get ready for it… wait… here it comes… BDRs at your competitors or companies like OutboundWorks or ScaleX.ai deliver 40+ meetings per BDR per month.  When I ran inside sales at Riverbed 10 years ago, the team averaged 120 opportunities/quarter (2/day), but several were inbound. BDRs averaged 50/month.  What happened since then? Emails flooded your prospects inbox, competition sprung up, and BDRs are murdering prospects LinkedIn Inbox with Inmails.

How can BDRs deliver 40+ meetings in a month in today’s complex marketplace? ANSWER: They can by combining the best tech stack with the best sales acceleration with the best BDRs, reducing the cost per sales activity from $6.66 to < $1, and driving 300 – 400% more meeting per BDR.

When I talk to mid-level managers, it amazes me, they say things like “we would love to deliver 40 meetings in a month per BDR, but we don’t have budget for that kind of thing”.

FULL STOP.  If you could show your CEO and CRO how to deliver 300% more pipeline for the same cost that he/she was planning to spend in 2018, do you think you’d be a hero?  You can.  #ITSJUSTMATH

Consider: 15 BDRs at $75,000 fully loaded + one manager at $150,000 plus tech + office + misc = $1,450,000.  $1.45M / 180,000 sales activities = $8.05 per sales activity.  180,000 sales activities / 387 activity to meeting ratio = 465 meetings.  Cost/meeting = $3,179.82.  THIS MODEL IS BROKEN. YOU ARE LEAKING MONEY OUT THE BACK OF THE STATION WAGON. STOP, THINK, OBSERVE, PROCEED.

Now consider: 5 BDRs at $100k fully loaded (top BDRs on the team, under-performers find a job elsewhere in the company or at a competitor) + one manager at $200,000 (upgrade there too while you are upgrading) = $700,000.  Add in tech stack and less office space all-in = $1M.  625,000 sales activities / 500 activity to meeting ratio = 1,250 meetings.  Cost/meeting = $800.  You are still overpaying at $800 because this can be driven down to sub-$350, but at $800, you are saving 75% oiff your current cost per meeting.


The moral of this story – AI for Sales is here.  Your competition is starting to use it, or will be testing it by Q1.  You will feel the pinch by middle to end of Q1.  By Q2, you will have lost hundreds of thousands in bookings, your team will still be “average” when you could have been amazing, and changed the world.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, I’m merely attempting to raise the flag here and make sure that people are aware that the train has left the station on lower cost per meeting.  You shold be striving for < $350 to be world class in your outbound efforts. Anything > $1,000 is world-sucky.  Don’t be sucky.







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