– “Don’t try this at home”

According to a SalesHacker post earlier this year, there are more than 700+ Sales Technologies out there right now, and if you implemented every one of them, they would have you believe your pipeline and bookings would grow at the rate that bitcoin has recently! What they won’t tell you is that integrating 5, 6, or 8 of these technologies can take a lot of time, and can actually lead to a decrease in morale and a reduced pipeline.

Questions you need to answer when optimizing top of funnel:

How many leads does a BDR need in a month in an accelerated sequence?

What should their target be?

What percent of prospects should show up to the meetings booked?

How do you personalize messaging that converts 3-5X better?

How do you set up follow-ups in Outreach, SalesLoft or ConnectAndSell?

These are all great questions, and exactly why ScaleX clients choose ScaleX.  We help them design an optimized sequence, then we deliver it through 30,000 sales activities in 3 months, and then we optimize over time (D2O/t).  The side benefit, all of the work that we do to optimize the meetings booked for your sales teams are completely transferrable to your in-house sales team.  And you can buy the tech stack directly from us – one throat to choke.

Remember one thing – “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!”

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