– Business Travel Gets AI

Business travel has struggled to adapt to the times, becoming a fragmented and unpleasant process for employees and employers alike. Solutions that worked for companies twenty years ago don’t work today.

TripActions was created to bring it all together. As an end-to-end, mobile travel management solution TripActions redefines what business travel programs look like for all key stakeholders – employees, travel managers, and finance departments. TripActions simplifies travel management and provides travelers with tools that take the stress out of being on the road.

AI technology is a core part of the product that gives the company an edge in the market in both personalization and support. When customers book a trip, TripActions’ technology scans real-time pricing and inventory as well as identifies travel preferences and previous bookings to provide users the best travel options for themselves and their company. The company uses a mix of human support and AI-driven chatbots to identify and tackle issues before customers even know they exist.  With this combination, inquiries are handled within 2 minutes, earning TripActions a 97% customer satisfaction rating for support.  

TripActions officially launched in 2016 and immediately gained traction in the market by offering a user-centric travel experience for employees and an all in-one solution for management, saving companies an average of 27% on travel costs. The company has experienced rapid growth and has hundreds of customers including Box, SurveyMonkey and OpenGov.

Brandon Gries shared his recent experience with a TripActions bot within the following interview on BTN

“Sometimes the first response will be automated, and once [the conversation] gets more detailed, more difficult, that’s where a live person steps in. A traveler can type, “My flight got delayed. Can I get other options?” Then a live TripActions person would jump on. Probably the two most [common] use cases are changing and canceling a reservation. [Additionally,] as a travel manager, I once reran a report a couple of times because I was trying to look for something specific. Something triggered [TripActions] that I was struggling and the bot sent me a message asking if I needed more help.”

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