When I worked for RingCentral as Sr. Director of WW Sales Development, I first learned about how bots worked – integrated to Glip & Slack. Over the past 90 days I believe I discovered a breakthrough…

The breakthrough… only a few seasoned sales professionals will actually invest the time it takes to truly personalize outreach to a prospect.

When I say “personalize”, I don’t mean Hi Jim, I see that you’re in the transportation business.

I mean Hi Jim, congratulations on your award last week at the AA-ISP conference. I really respect what it would mean to achieve a lifetime achievement award like that being about halfway through my career now.  You should really be proud.

I’ll try to reach you later this week and really hope we can connect.  I’ve reviewed your website and believe that I’ve found a way you could save about $100,000 per year in real hard dollar cost savings by making a few subtle tweaks.

In the meantime, here is a link to a short video that I thought you might enjoy checking out.


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Bots are here – bots will bring the needed personalization to emails and phone calls that will allow a few stellar sales professionals to do the work that used to take 20 people to do.  Or a team of just a few more stellar sales professionals can speed up the time it takes to cover your addressable market.



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