There is only one patent #8,649,500 and Chris Beall’s company ConnectAndSell owns it.  And they wrote it to be defended vigorously.

So what? As much as anyone will try to tell you that sales conversations don’t matter and that the battle can be won through digital media, is correct, if they want to win SMALL!

The higher you go up the “pyramid” selling bigger deals to bigger companies, conversations truly do matter. When was the last time you bought a house or a car without talking to someone, how about a refrigerator, how about an iPhone? (See the point, nearly everyone will buy a $1000 iPhoneX without  talking to someone, but would you buy something for $5,000, $15,000 or $150,000, perpahos not.

Whether you are an SMB company looking to provide sales acceleration to your few sellers, or a large company like IBM or Cisco, trying to determine if you want to invest in a new market,, scale to the power of AI changes everything.

Althought we’re just getting started on this endeavor, check back here weekly to learn from the thought leaders of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) to stay abreast of the sweeping changes to sales coming to the tech stack in 2018.





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