AI, Good to Great

John Barrows, a top sales thinker in the world, is spot on regarding his comment on this blog when he says “AI is going to make good reps great, great reps unstoppable and average reps irrelevant”. Good to Great

Ahead of the Sales 3.0 conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I had the opportunity to review the sales presentation focused on artificial intelligence that will be presented later today by Bruce Lewolt, Co-Founder at JoyIsJoy, and Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell. And I also invited a top Machine Learning consultant from PA who goes to Temple for “more of a hobby” than anything where is real passion is delivering on the promise of AI.

What I learned is that a lot of what sales professionals think of as “hard work” that is monotonous and time-consuming can be automated by technology. And the payback can be 5X in conversions!

Here’s “the math” from these conversations:

  • JoyisJoy reads your prospects public profile and tells you which of 7 sentiments the person has.
  • You sort the list of prospects into 7 buckets – 1 for each buyer type (politician, social, etc).
  • Then you hire sales pros who have that sentiment themselves
  • Click GO
  • See 5X conversion from conversation to meeting (from 5% to 25% for Bruce personally)

I’m cautiously optimistic.  Do I think a 5X conversion from conversation to meeting will happen for all SDRs, not likely.  Do I think this approach can help a ton of people? Absolutely.

As John Barrows said, “AI is going to make good reps great, great reps unstoppable and average reps irrelevant.”



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