Sales Hack #1: Fire 2/3rds of your sales force, then double sales with the remaining third


A year ago, ConnectAndSell had nearly 30 Sales Reps and drove over $10M annually. Fast forward a year, ConnectAndSell has 11 Sales Reps and is laser focused on owning the market of funded start-ups, and growing faster (and more profitable) than ever!

How was this transformation possible?  Check out this video whiteboard!  

Step 1: It starts at the top. A CEO and/ or VP of Sales who understands the math that it makes sense to have fewer A Players who have 5x as many sales conversations is key. Firing 2/3rds of the sales force is a bold move and takes a leader who “gets it”.

Step 2: Identify your market. Leaders who say that they can call on anyone are fooling themselves and will dilute their efforts. If you can’t list your prospects on a discrete list then you haven’t identified your market! Tools like FlipTop, and Lattice Engines, or Infer do a good job looking at Closed/Won opportunities and can help you identify your market.

Step 3: Hire smart! When rebuilding the sales team, staff Sales Reps who have a history of success and meet your requirements. We used a company called Objective Management Group or OMG to score our candidates, coupled with a proprietary tool called MySqore. And we built the team in Denver, CO.

Step 4: Set the goals high! Before Advanced Sales Acceleration, a sales rep might make 30-50 dial attempts per day and talk to a couple of prospects. With Advanced Sales Acceleration, 500-1000 dial attempts and 25 or more conversations is the new norm. Be careful, this technology can amplify amazing and it can also amplify SUCK! Don’t amplify SUCK!

Step 5: Move quality earlier in your sales process. Chris Beall, our CEO had 104 sales conversations in June and in the same month, we signed 47 deals! Fewer reps having 5-8X more sales conversations, and leveraging Executive Leaders on these calls is the key,

Step 6: “Get inside the conversation”. With Advanced Sales Acceleration, you can track call outcomes and you can get inside the conversations to score the quality of the conversations. This can double or triple your outcomes in conversations.

Step 7: Enjoy a smaller team that is more productive than ever before!

The best way to get started is to sign up for a Diagnostic Evaluation from ConnectAndSell by visiting ConnectAndSell!

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