Sales Hack #32: Create a “Special Ops” Team


In Q3, 2015, RingCentral created a “shared lead team” to handle leads purchased from 8-12 different vendors who sell leads to multiple parties.  The way to win – be there first, and be there frequently.

So David, SDR Team Lead, created a team of high velocity SDRs who routinely deliver 1,200+ dials/day (thanks to ConnectAndSell), 50+ conversations/day, and conversion rates that you read about!  Before: 3-5% conversion, after high velocity: 11-13% conversion.  And the best part, the team had 7 people on it, now it has 5. (Cost savings of $110,000 – $130,000/year in labor, enabling a 10X – 20X in number of dials/day for the team.

Taking this model one step further, we’re testing a “Special Ops” Team using the same high velocity selling approach.  Rather than try to train 18 BDRs on a horizontal campaign (some will comply, many will not), why not create 1-2 Special Ops SDRs who specialize in the given message.  Whether it’s a short term campaign or long-term flow of leads, 750 – 1,200 dials/day pointed at the project vs. 30/day for a traditional BDR just makes sense.  We have one special ops person now, I suspect in a few months, we’ll have a full “unit”!

Check back in 30 days to learn the results of this program!

Keep sales hacking!

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  1. I respectfully disagree with this. 80-90 Qualified calls can yield more appointments and demos then 750 brute force calls. This is the year 2016. We have more than just a Rolodex and a phone book. Its these brute force, 1000 dials a day shops that are ruining b2b sales for the rest of us.

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