Sales Hack #31: Get Real World Experience


In 2015, dozens of authors, speakers, and “subject matter experts” popped up in the world of sales and social selling, many of which aren’t grounded in data – rather, they have opinions about how to sell.  I must admit, many of the blogs I posted are also based on opinion!

Which is why in 2016, I decided to get back to leading a Sales Development team with the goal of becoming the #1 sales development team in the country in 2016!  When I go back to the best learning experiences of my life, most of them have been while working for “real companies” solving “real problems” working for “real leaders”.

I’m reading a great book right now called, Data Driven, How Performance Analytics Delivers Extraordinary Sales Results, by Jenny Dearborn, Senior Vice President and Chief Learning Officer for SAP.  In the book, she shares a fictional story about various leaders in an organization, and how to use “Prescriptive Analytics” to solve business problems.

As I read the book, I’m excited to partner with marketing and Sales Operations at RingCentral to deliver world-class sales results and to move towards this level of sales excellence.

The point of this post – if you are offering advice that isn’t based in data, or touting your latest and greatest social selling product without A/B testing, get to work this year!  I congratulate you for getting your concepts out there, and I challenge you to doing what companies like Vorsight, AA-ISP, The Bridge Group, TOPO and others do – share insights through data analysis!

These next several years, I’ll be heads down, working hard, to attempt to build the #1 SDR organization in the world!

3 thoughts on “Sales Hack #31: Get Real World Experience

  1. Great insight and commentary Chad. I agree inherently and believe that you have to be able to inspect what you expect and that in terms of sellers effectiveness can only be realized by analyzing the data. Looking forward to a great 2016 and leveraging predictive analytics to give us insight to be able to help our customers transform through innovation! 2016 is the year to be the Disruptor as the alternative is not an option.

  2. Looking forward to being part of the journey to #1 SDR organization on Planet Earth, Chad. You make a great point that sales advice is nice, but sales insights based on real (not cherry picked) data are the necessary foundation for moving forward. You and I both know where a whole bunch of meaningful data can be found. It’s a starting point. Let’s share and see what can be learned.

  3. Agreed – even in relatively high margin business we must use data to develop and execute business plans. Margins compress but keeping the relationships strong and engaged are gold. The insights and tendencies that a “predicitive” model show us can be game changing. Even the top ssles people cannot know every tendency about their relationships – dashboards, reports, scorecards – they are generated for a reason.

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