Sales Hack #25: Wanna Try a Coconut Drink Today?

While sitting on Junkanoo beach in the Bahamas, looking at this view, you wanna say “yes”, right?!


Of course you do!  She could have said, “would you like to buy a coconut drink?” or “want a piña colado?”
But then she would have limited the potential buyers (the market).  By saying “wanna try a coconut drink today?” she appeals to the whole family.

Parents are thinking, yes with some rum.  Kids are thinking, yum, coconut, do I get the actual coconut?!

The moral–don’t limit your market by asking self limiting questions!

Example: selling marketing automation, then why say “are you responsible for your email marketing”?

When you can say, “Wanna optimize your marketing spend?!”

Or if you are selling sales acceleration technology you could ask, “are you interested in getting your sales reps 20x more productive?” Or you could say, “wanna try a solution that enables you to talk to someone on your list in a few minutes or less?”  Or “wanna know a way to enable your sales team to talk to 75 percent of the leads you create, instead of the usual 9 percent?”

Think about the implications of the questions you ask.  Learn from the bohemian selling coconut drinks on the beach!

By the way, after she asked the question, then the buyer said “what kind of coconut drinks do you offer?”   To which she replied:

Coconut non alcoholic for $5

Coconut Bahama Mama for $10

Or coconut “double” for $15

Stop limiting your market by asking the WRONG questions!
Good selling,


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