Sales Hack #22: The Call Scheduling Hack

calendlySales Hack #22: The Call Scheduling Hack

How many times have you scheduled a call with a client, and then they don’t show? Does Wednesday at 9 AM or Thursday at 1 PM work better?

You block off both and studiously prepare. But your efforts were all in vain – the client didn’t show for either.

Scheduling sales calls is tough! As a prospective vendor, you’re last on the list of priorities and first to be crossed off when other problems arise.  Like many sales pros, Mike used to get tortured by this. Now, it’s a minor issue.

He uses Calendly to keep all his appointments straight and make the scheduling process painless for clients. Not only is the process easier, but prospects already like him because his process works smoother than competitor’s processes.

With Calendly, you can:

  • Send a link so your clients can schedule a 20, 30, or 60-minute call, lunch or happy hour at a time convenient for them
  • Map your schedule from all your calendars
  • Get automated appointment reminders at any time you’d like
  • Set times you are and are not available
  • Send an immediate confirmation of the appointment to the prospect and a reminder of your appointment at a time you can schedule
  • Have your appointment times bufffered so they don’t run into each other

There’s a slew of other helpful features too, but those are the highlights.  Mike even takes the process a step further and redirects an easy-to-remember domain name to his Calendly URL.

How Calendly looks to your prospect:


How Calendly looks to you:


What a great way to make scheduling a call easy and earn your client’s trust from the start!

Thanks to Mike O’Neil of Integrated Alliances for this sales hack.

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