Sales Hack # 12: Recycling Unqualified Noes


“Hey Bob. Kyle from ConnectAndSell here. I know I’m an interruption. Do you have 27 seconds so I can tell you why I called?”…


Did that guy seriously just hang up on me? Doesn’t he know how important I am? Doesn’t he know that he’s my perfect prospect?!


When you get hung up on, you have a fork in the road, and choose wisely here. You can mark them as “not interested – disqualified”, but that is not a very skillful position to take.

Think about it. The prospect never heard your value prop. They don’t know what you do or how you can help them. Their hang-up is more of a “not right now”, rather than a straight up “no”.

I can tell you first-hand, I have booked meetings that led to closed business from the following sales hack.

When someone hangs up on me before I get the value prop out, I schedule a call back for a week later (let them forget about you) and when they inevitably pick up the phone again, I say

“Hey Bob, Kyle at ConnectAndSell here. I caught you at an awkward time back on the 14th. Is now an ok time to chat so I can tell you why I’m trying to get a hold of you?

Oh shoot. I don’t remember this guy and he’s calling me again because of something I said…ok, I’ll give him a minute.

Think about any time you’ve hung up one someone. Do you remember their name? Do you remember the company they are with? No. 100%, positively, unequivocally, NO.

They are an afterthought, at best.

So, as a salesperson, play to this short-term memory loss. Again, I’m not telling you this as theory, as my own hypothesis, as a cute idea. This is my practice that I put into place everyday on the phones, and it works.

If they are the right title, at the right kind of company, don’t let them off the hook simply because they were brash enough to hang up on you. If anything, the hang up means they are busy enough to be important. CALL THEM BACK.

Sell well friends.

Kyle Weiger – Senior Account Executive at ConnectAndSell

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