Sales 3.0 X Factor – AI For Sales is Here

At the Sales 3.0 conference in San Francisco this week – a lot has changed since I attended the very first one 11 years ago, hosted by David Thompson, then CEO of Sales Genius, and some things haven’t. According to Barry Trailer, one thing is for sure, AI For Sales is here. &, two of the leading AI players in AIForSales

What’s changed?

The #1 topic of the event – sales coaching. and Chorus were there. Chorus even had a VIP experience lounge where prospective clients could come check out how AI is changing sales conversations for the better.

The next big thing in 2019 – AI FOR SALES. When Barry Trailer speaks, people listen. Barry was the Co-Founder and CSO Insights which was bought by Miller Heiman several years ago. Now he’s back, as Co-Founder of Sales Mastery, Barry and his partner Jim Dickie are covering the topic of AI For Sales. And they have discovered that there are already 150 AI for Sales solutions on the market today.

AI For Sales, Barry Trailer
Co-Founder of Sales Mastery

What hasn’t changed?

Aneke Seley, Founder of RealityWorks is still as relevant as ever, and still keeps up to speed with these events so that her company can help companies build inside sales machines.

Aneke Seley, Lifelong learner. Did you know Marc Benioff worked for Aneke at Oracle back in the day!

Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO of Selling Power, can still pull together a shortlist of speakers who challenge the status quo and share wisdom with the audience that provides great value.

Jamie Crosbie, CEO of ProActivate, Kurt Shaver, CRO of Vengreso, and so many more that I can always count on show up, ready to learn and grow, and to take sales to the next level of professionalism and performance.

Thumbs up for ProActivate! If you are looking to up-skill your sales team, ProActivate can help!

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