In dire need of an SDR or BDR? Think again…

Traditional BDR #RIP

In the past 2-3 weeks, I’ve had conversations with major players in high-tech companies. Sales leaders running teams of 8 to 60 sales professionals. Companies that traditionally cannot afford a $60,000/year Sales or Business Development Representative (SDR or BDR). But… they can afford a $15,000 annual investment that executes the same (actually better) than a traditional BDR.

The thing these sales leaders have in common, they have a team of quota-carrying sales professionals who carry a big number but don’t have an SDR or BDR team supporting them (they eat what they kill).

The challenges that a “BDR-less” team creates:

  1. Lower quota attainment
  2. Far less pipeline generated
  3. Far fewer sales activities
  4. High-turnover

The answer from 2005 – 2019? Hire a $60,000/year SDR, assign $350,000 in additional quota to the sales rep, and now the rep misses quota by an even larger percent.

The answer in 2020? Hire a Virtual BDR to deliver data + digital (email) + digital (social) + digital (paid-ads) + agent-assisted dials (for the quota carrying rep to deliver).

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