Ridiculous or Bold?

When Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft, posted the word “ridiculous” when I posted this offer to buyout SalesLoft, ToutApp, and Yesware contracts over the weekend I was flattered, surprised, honored, giddy, and those are just the first words that come to mind.

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You see, just a few short years ago, SalesLoft was a business that tracked job changes (we call that the job hopper program). Then Kyle saw an opportunity to take on the biggest player in the sales engagement space (InsideSales.com), and the rest is history.  What you may or may not know is that there has been a series of legal ping-pong between these two players (publically available if you google InsideSales.com vs. SalesLoft) – https://www.plainsite.org/dockets/30bcnzwik/utah-district-court/insidesalescom-v-salesloft/. It will be curious to see how this plays out.  My advice – make sure you know who you are partnering with.

Why share this story? ANSWER: Something I learned long ago, when you point a finger at someone, three are pointed back at yourself.

Is it ridiculous to offer to buy-out SalesLoft, Yesware, and ToutApp contracts? Perhaps yes.  Undoubtedly yes. Though I may suggest a slightly different word – BOLD.

  • Why would a company like ScaleX have the juice to buyout a contract?
  • Where would a company like ScaleX get the money to even think to buy-out a SalesLoft, Yesware, or ToutApp customer?
  • How will ScaleX buy-out these contracts?
  • What does the client get when they switch to ScaleX?

The ANSWERSWHY – because companies pay for a competitive advantage, without one-click personalization, ask anyone – SalesLoft is “just like” Yesware and ToutApp.  WHERE would SCALEX get the money? ScaleX enables BDRs to deliver 5-10X more meetings per month per BDR, there is plenty of advantages to upgrade to ScaleX.  HOW will ScaleX buy-out these contracts? Simple, whatever you are spending per month on SalesLoft, Yesware, or ToutApp, we’ll simply take that off the monthly cost of the ScaleX Personalization At Scale Solution monthly cost! WHAT do they get? The best combination of one-click personalized emails, the best conversation automation, the best LinkedIn selling, with the best conversation intelligence and sales coaching on the market today.  And most important 5-10X more meetings per BDR!

Kyle, a few years ago, you had the vision and passion to take on Ken Krogue and Dave Elkington.  May I ask the question, why is it so “ridiculous” for ScaleX.ai to take on SalesLoft, Yesware, and ToutApp?

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