Personality-Powered Prospecting, Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Imagine your human sales professional, powered by the words to say and how to say them, for each unique personality in your top target accounts. Better conversations = more meetings.

Personality Powered Prospecting, Powered by Artificial Intelligence, is right out of a sci-fi movie. If you are still allowing sales professionals to “spray and pray” and “send all” from their “sales enablement” tool, STOP immediately. You are ruining your market.

Hint: Every email blast a sales person does to your best prospects – will see 6-12% opt out rate. Within a few months, more than half of your addressable market won’t allow you to contact them anymore!

Enter Personality Powered Prospecting! By aligning purpose built messaging by personality, you’ll see near-zero opt-outs, and 300 – 500% increase in conversions. The best part – 2X more deals closed/won per 100 target accounts.


  1. Profile your existing customer buyer personalities – who were your advocates to get the deal done, who were your blockers?
  2. Find look-a-likes – within your top 100, 500 or 1000 target accounts.
  3. Create messaging that resonates with the specific buyer type.
  4. Execute outreach – 2-3 LinkedIn message, 4-5 emails, and 5-10 dial attempts.
  5. Equip sellers with personality powered scripts! Including proper words to use, tone of voice, etc. We have four clients using this technology today – each of them is seeing 1-3 appointments per day (per BDR).


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