One-Click Personalization

Earlier this week at the TOPO conference, I was speaking with the best marketing and sales intelligence software company around today… The products guy from a large sales engagement provider came up to ask what we were talking about… I challenged this person to a contest – my bot writes 100 emails in < 1 hour, your SDR writes 100 emails in < 1 hours… find out what he said…

When I shared that my bot can personalize emails better than a human, he rolled his eyes, and said: “that’s not possible, bots can’t write better than a human.”  So I suggested that we lock my bot in a room for one hour with his best SDR and see who writes the best 100 emails.  I said that it could be judged by Keenan and John Barrows.  To which he replied, “there is no way that an SDR could write 100 personalized emails in an hour, they would need the full day.” 

This is exactly the point of AI for sales, if a bot can write 100 personalized emails in < 1 hour (in fact, it takes seconds, and the emails are better than what humans can do), and it’s undetectable by the recipient, and you as a sales or marketer see 5-10X lift in reply rates, what is the argument?  Is it “I don’t want to put BDRs out of work” or “we sell buy the seat, and this sucks for us because the client will now need fewer seats”?

ANSWER: I think it’s somewhere in the middle.  #botsarebetter

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