What do Jocko Willink, Chad Burmeister and ScaleX.ai Have in Common?

What do Jocko Willink, Chad Burmeister,ScaleX.ai Have in Common?

ANSWER:  According to a recent webinar by Ryan O’Hara, VP of Marketing and Growth at LeadIQ, they are all “ruler brands“.

CIO Review agrees, and has named ScaleX.ai one of their “20 Most Promising Sales Management Solution Providers – 2018”! Click here to download the full article. 

Excerpt from the article: 

Sales acceleration requires a synergistic use of data, dialers, email, call coaching, lead scoring, and account-based marketing and selling to produce the expected business outcomes. By tapping into this synergy, bellwether firm ScaleX.ai has enabled a paradigm shift through its Sales Acceleration-as-a-Service, powered by artificial intelligence, at a lower cost per sales activity. Being a harbinger of AI-powered sales acceleration, ScaleX.ai allows business development representatives (BDRs) to reach out to their ideal customer profiles (ICPs) at a fraction of the cost for each sales activity when compared to other platforms. “Instead of $8 to $10 that companies spend today on each sales activity, ScaleX.ai reduces it to as low as $1.25,” remarks Chad Burmeister, co-founder, and CEO, ScaleX.ai.

If you don’t have Jocko’s new book, The Dichotomy of Leadership, Balancing the Challenges of Extreme Ownership to Lead and Win, ScaleX will buy the first 25 CROs, VPs of Sales, or CEOs to respond a copy of it – if you’ll take a meeting with Chad!  Just email sales@scalex.ai, and reference your interest in a 15-minute call with Chad!

Read the full article:  https://sales.cioreview.com/vendor/2018/scalex.ai




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