Sales Hack #7: The Outbound Index


Does your company measure penetration into your top 1000 target accounts?  Check out this video!

The Bridge Group came out with the Outbound Index in September, 2013.

The Outbound Index is a number that tells how many opportunities are created in a list of 1000 discrete accounts, in one quarter.

The best I’ve heard of is 342! And those are the stats from my own company. We targeted series a and series b funded startups and in one quarter generated 342 opportunities and a pipeline of about $15M!

Let’s review the math of this Inside Sales Hack!

1000 companies x 3 contacts per company x 22 dials attempts per contact. That’s 66,000 attempts required.

You have a few options of how to do this:

Option 1: the old fashioned way. Hire a team of sales reps to make 66.000 dial attempts. 66,000 / 100 attempts per day = 660 man days required! 2 Reps, 100 calls per day for one year. Cost = $200,000 – $250,000.

Option 2: leverage Advanced Sales Acceleration Technology to drive the same dial attempts in just one quarter! 66,000 / 500 attempts per day = 132 man days. 2 reps, 500 calls per day for one quarter. Cost = $8k/month per rep x 3 reps PLUS unlimited ConnectAndSell = $84,000.

Option 3: outsource this effort to ConnectAndSell Virtual Salesforce using the proven methodology that our sales team uses to drive an Outbound Index of 342! At a per meeting cost between $249 – $499!

Whether you choose Option 2 or 3 above, this sales hack will not only save you a ton of money, it will also enable you to penetrate 342 of your best prospects in 3 months vs a whole year.

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