Sales Hack #8: The Grabber Opening


In October 2013, we opened the Denver office with 10 Sales Reps who used ConnectAndSell to make 18,000 dials and 898 conversations. Everyone on the team called the same list, had the same phones, and the same manager (me!). And their results were all over the board.

The best Sales Rep set 14 meetings, then it went to 12, 8 and down from there to where one rep had none! They didn’t make it very long!

What we learned is shocking, Reps who didn’t know how to open a conversation had no chance at booking a meeting!

The one we settled on that drove the most conversations… “I know I’m an interruption, can I have 32 seconds to tell you why I called?” This earns the right to continue in the conversation 98 times out of 100.

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