Sales Hack #6: The Video Whiteboard


Webinars take time and money to execute and quite often generate a wide audience of some influencers and few decision makers.

This can easily be seen in the webinar statistics showing only 42 percent show up to webinars. As a former WebEx sales leader and ON24, I’ve participated in hundreds of webinars and truth be told, I multi-task. They are simply too long in most cases and lack quality!

Introducing Inside Sales Hack #5, the Video Whiteboard.

What you can do with these video whiteboards in 60 seconds can provide more value (and more leads) than a webinar! I’m a VP of Sales. When I see these videos and “get it” then I’ll schedule a meeting. I rarely attend webinars anymore.

Why do they work?

1. They are short and pack a punch with a compelling value proposition (when done right)!
2. Google Adwords, video ads, can follow your prospects around to different sites and persistently show up.
3. They appeal to the mid brain, due to the constant movement in the video whiteboard.

Check out, it’s not expensive at all!

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