Sales Hack #5: The Dinner event


If your company attends trade shows and isn’t tagging on a networking dinner before, after, or during the event, you are missing an opportunity.

Introducing Inside Sales Hack #5: The Dinner Event

The value: every time we invite prospects (and customers to these dinner events, we sign 2-3 deals and firm up our commitment to customers).

The Hack:

Step 1: When sponsoring an event, pull in hundreds of prospects and customers to your CRM/Marketing Automation system using tools like ZoomInfo and Circleback, or SalesLoft. Identify potential leads in the surrounding area where your event is being held.

Step 2: Create and launch an email to these leads inviting then to the VIP dinner (choose a nice restaurant that appeals to your audience). It’s important not to advertise your product, rather, invite them to a networking dinner or VIP dinner.

Step 3: See Social Media Hack post for some ideas. Have someone connect you (the VP or sponsor with all of the other speakers on the roster and invite them to the dinner too.)

Step 4: Call all of the speakers and potential dinner attendees via Sales Acceleration Software such as ConnectAndSell (this is key because most trade shows don’t release the list of attendees until a few days before the event).

Step 5: Enjoy having a table packed full of prospects and a few customers! (Best to target 6 people for every one of your employees to be able to have quality conversations at the dinner.)

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