Sales Hack #3: Get inside the conversation


Here is the tale of a sales team calling on the SAME pool of leads.

10 Reps, 3.5 business days, 18,000 dial attempts, 898 conversations, 64 meetings booked before getting “inside the conversation”.

The outcomes realized by the team:
#1 Rep – 14 meetings booked
#2 Rep – 12 meetings booked
#3 Rep – 8
After that, meeting count tapered off from 5, 4, 4, 3, 3, 1, 0.

After listening to recordings it was determined that the Rep who got 0, just wasn’t going to make it. Time to cut bait.

The rest of the team were give two options–learn pitch #1 by Rep #1 or #2 by Rep #2. Within a few days, another Rep resigns and says “I don’t want to be a robot”. This is the rep who booked just one meeting in 78 conversations!

After getting inside the conversation, the result was that we shed two under performers, and the rest of the team went from converting 4 percent of conversations into meetings to 12%!

In other words, using our own product helped us have 5X the number of conversations as most teams, and convert conversations to meetings at 3X better rates.

If there are any doubts, just check the Outbound Index report by the Bridgr Group. You’ll find that the average company scored 42 in September of 2013. ConnectAndSell focused on a list of 983 funded companies in one quarter, called three contacts per company 22 times, and created 342 opportunities! An 814% better result.

So you can keep doing things the way you have and get the same average results or you can use this sales hack and multiply your quantity x quality and drive more opportunities than you could ever dream of!


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