Sales Hack #1b: Unlimited LinkedIn Records!


SALES HACK #1b – When someone says “social selling”, the first company that comes to mind for most Sales Professionals is LinkedIn, and rightfully so.  LinkedIn is the “sales bible” for sellers with the most up to date information about the people in the accounts that sellers are targeting.

The INSIDE SALES HACK =  SalesLoft.  Kyle Porter and his company has built a way to extract hundreds/thousands of LinkedIn records at a time for pennies on the dollar compared to what LinkedIn would charge.  Value Prop: For $325/month to $1,300/month, sales professionals can download hundreds of prospects at a time vs. manually pulling one or two here and there. Decrease costs, enhance sales productivity, SELL MORE STUFF.

Step 1: Sign up for a trial account

Step 2: Decide on a list of prospects you are after (certain geography, company, titles, etc).

Step 3: Click “Add Prospects”

Step 4: Go back to SalesLoft, and export list to a .csv file

Step 5: Upload to CRM

INSIDE SALES HACK # 2 COMING NEXT WEEK: Outsourced Social Selling!

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