Gross or Great!?

“Gross” or GREAT!  You decide…

When the Founder of Eloqua comments on your post that AI will change the way that sales professionals personalize their messages and uses the term “gross“, does that mean “sick” like GREAT or gross like the sidewalks in San Francisco these days?  I suspect he means “gross” like the sidewalks in San Francisco.

Let me share with you what is “sick” (meaning GREAT) about personalization at scale:

  1. More choices/better personalization – When the bot serves up a suggested email, there are actually dozens of choices for the Sales Professional.  (Ranging from a recent publication they may have written, to a common school that you both attended, even the weather in Toronto – it was cold yesterday, my bot told me so!).
  2. Save Hours of Time!  It takes a typical Sales Professional 10 – 40 minutes to write a single personalized email.  By using ScaleX, it takes them < 30 seconds to review, in some cases, edit, then send.
  3. Gross vs. Great!  When FedEx first came out, I wonder if there were people who also said that was “gross”? Why ship a package overnight when you could ship it ground and save the money.  Why empower a bot to write better emails than humans?
  4. GROSS INDEED!!!  10X more personalized emails = 2.1X pipeline, 2.1X revenues.  As proven by our clients every single day.

Sample of a “gross” message generated by the ScaleX One-Click Personalization Engine!  Join the conversation here!





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