Frost & Sullivan Sales Team Alpine Retreat: Lessons Learned

This year was Frost & Sullivan’s inaugural year of the Sales Team Alpine Retreat (or STAR conference).  The core theme that I heard from the Speaker & Thought Leader Orientation through to the “Olympic games” and to most of the sponsors – AI is the future.

A few examples of AI for Sales:

  1. “KPI Kenny” – Greg Holmes, VP of Sales at Zoom Video, came up with KPI Kenny.  An AI-powered drone bot that will hover to the cubicle of the rep not putting in the right amount of activity to provide a bit of encouragement and ideas to get the ball rolling. Although this was part of the “Olympic games” competition it’s not so far off, is it?
  2. Olono – Larry Warnock, President & CEO of Olono, shared in a fireside chat that CRMs are broken.  Did you know that GE developed an entirely new CRM that aligns to the salesperson who isn’t good at data entry, offers a complete mobile experience, and uses AI to recommend next steps in the sales cycle? They don’t sell to the market, they use it internally, and the best part, it was built by a team of 8 people! Olono views all of the sales activities performed by a sales team and uses AI to spot trends and makes recommendations to the Reps, and to the sales leaders and company Execs. At the conclusion of Larry’s fireside chat, he said, “this year we’re only starting to talk about AI for Sales. At this conference next year, AI will be the topic of almost every session.”
  3. Mario Martinez and Vengreso is a team of thought leaders – Up until the conference, I’ve heard of Vengreso.  Did you know they serve the San Francisco 49er? Did you know that when you send a video link through LinkedIn vs. email, it has a far better chance of being viewed?  Me neither, and that’sjust the tip of the iceberg of what this team of sales experts can help companies do.  Brynne Tillman quotes Cate from GE Digitial, “the courage to go first to make it safe for others to follow.”  Well put Brynne!  “We jump into the digital and the social and we figure it out, and we make it safe for them to bring it into their business.”

The “aha moment” for me standing behind Brynne when she recorded this video – that’s what does with AI for Sales for companies – we make it safe for them to bring it into their business.


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