Done For You


Get ready because 2020 will be the year of the “done for you” model!  We’re used to it with Hello Fresh for Meals, Uber for rides, and on and on. Done-for-you prospecting has been around for years, but it’s been done the same way that your internal team does it. Not anymore. 

For the past 2.5 years, I’ve collaborated with the best-of-the best in data, email outreach, social outreach, paid-ads, and more and the level of sophistication being deployed at scale blows my mind every day!  For example, just today I met with an email expert from South Africa. His business charges companies $380 – $1,200/month to execute 250 – 1,000 emails/month with a proven approach that often sees 14% reply rates! As the global lockdown continues, trade shows are cancelled, deals fall out of the pipeline, it’s more important than ever to optimize for top-of-funnel metrics like:

Lead to conversation

  • Dial to conversation
  • Conversation to meeting
  • Meeting to held meeting
  • Held-Meeting to pipeline opportunity

Would you rather hire a team of entry level BDRs who generally “send-all” to a list of prospects, or do you rely on the “done for you” model, powered by very very smart people who leverage AI to drive high-quality conversions?


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