Digital Without Dials= Disaster

When Lori Richardson, CEO of ScoreMoreSales, said that AI will enable humans to focus on higher value work, she was so right.

According to Jim Dickie and Barry Trailer’s (Sales Mastery) research study that Jim shared in a webinar this past week with SalesForLife, one of the first places AI is being deployed to enable this transformation – Lead Generation Management.

Imagine a world where the AI can write 21 unique emails based on the individual buyer personality types to optimize reply rates and conversions.

Now enable the bot to handle the correspondence with the buyer in a very precise way (think Facebook ads, think Netflix serving up the right content at the right time).

Next, every time the bot runs into work that it’s not good at (i.e. talking to a person on the telephone), serve up the next best conversation to the best possible human for that conversation. is engaged in some very powerful AI testing with Bruce Lewalt, CEO of A typical ScaleX campaign will yield 50 – 75 meetings/quarter across 15,000 dials, 10,000 emails, and 5,000 social touches. Preliminary findings show that the same number of meetings can be delivered in just 5,000 dials under the right circumstances.

AI Powered List

AI Powered Messaging

AI Powered BDR

Good selling, see you next week!

Case Study: – customers with a digital only strategy saw 3-5 meetings/month across ~5,000 total digital sales activities. customers with digital + dials (let humans do the work that humans are good at) = 15 – 25 meetings/month

This is Chad Burmeister, CEO of ScaleX, using AI For Sales Agent-Assisted Dialing after one quarter of digital only.

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