Digital Outreach Digital Outreach – The most scalable way to grow your marketing & sales. ScaleX Virtual Assistants make it possible to engage every lead with human-like, 2-way conversations by email and chat.

It’s time to face the music. Prospecting through email has become less and less productive over the past few years. Paying a salesperson $75,000 – $100,000 per year to batch and blast is a waste of time and money. By automating this part of the sales professionals’ day, we enable them to focus on higher-value work – like talking to prospects and customers.

Problem solved! Sales professionals often hit “send all” on their email campaigns leading to high levels of opt-outs, and low-quality communications between your company and your best prospects. ScaleX solves this problem by collaborating with you to design and deploy persona-based messaging that is proven to connect with your market to generate meetings and pipeline with your top target accounts. And then our Virtual Assistant responds to prospects questions and schedules meetings on your quota-carrying seller’s calendar.