My Day as a CEO In Tahoe, Powered by Artificial Intelligence

2/7/18 at 7:30 am, login to – 353 call tasks due & uploaded 50 net new CEOs and VPs of sales to the ultra-personalized, AI-powered sequence.

2/7/18 at 7:31 am, login to LinkedIn – 127 1:1 invites to a Sales 3.0 VIP dinner sponsored by Aviso due.

By Noon – completed all 353 call tasks, 50 emails went out to the net new prospects and 127 1:1 LinkedIn messages sent to invite CEOs to the Sales 3.0 dinner sponsored by Aviso.


Total: 530 sales activities completed in half day – 2 sign-ups to Sales 3.0, 2 referrals, 6 people told me “no-interest” and 8 future follow-ups set. (the gold is in the follow-ups)

Watch the video:

Noon – 12:37 pm – Lunch across the street from the Hyatt Incline Village at Austin’s. Great Burger, too many french fries.

12:37 – 12:50 pm – walk back to the hotel, attempt to book a 3 hour fishing on the lake, no go.

12:50pm – 5:32pm – Created one marketing video for ScaleX. Completed two sales calls.  Send 3 proposals.  Resent a contract.

6 pm – whenever, networking in Tahoe with thought leaders and sellers from across this great nation!

The point of the day in the life of a CEO in Tahoe, if your BDRz aren’t driving at least 500+ sales activities per day, then it’s YOUR fault, not theirs.  

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