Data + Digital + Dials = Domination

“If competition is healthy, then domination is immunity,” Grant Cardone

You just signed up for your subscription to a top-tier data provider. You set-up your triggers & alerts and automate list pulls on a weekly basis. Although your sales team has the best intention to email, connect on social, and call these targets, it rarely happens as well as it should. This causes a weak pipeline and allows your competition to continue to win in your market.

Market Domination Playbook:

Step 1: Collaborate with your Data provider to identify your Total Addressable Market (or TAM)

Step 2: Set-up a weekly data pull to feed your CRM. (Hint: There may be multiple playbooks/triggers that you can use)

Step 3: Leverage a Virtual BDR to send out up to 50 net new emails/day and then follow-through with a sequence/cadence with at least 6 – 10 emails over 1-2 months. (Hint: Many companies stop at 2-3 emails, and then say “email doesn’t work anymore”. Don’t stop!)

Step 4: Leverage a Virtual BDR to connect with your targets on social media.

Step 5: Leverage Agent-Assisted Dialing to ensure that these important people are attempted to be reached at least 8-12 times (Hint: Your provider can help you determine how many attempts per lead based on dial-to-connect ratio, ACV of your product, and other factors).

Step 6: Set-up a Digital Paid-Ad campaign to the same list of targets that your sales team is reaching out to. The more these prospects see your logo and short value message, the more likely they are to accept a meeting.

Step 7: Rinse and Repeat each week. (Hint: Over time, add more playbooks. Hiring triggers, funding triggers

ScaleX playbook example – Every week, several companies are funded by Venture Capital and Private Equity. Every weekend, these companies are tracked, the CRO, CMO, CEOs are exported from Lead411 into ScaleX email and social platform, reached out to, and then called several times. As a result, dominates the Series A-C funded start-up market with more than 100 clients on-boarded in the past 18 months!

In the past 30 days, ScaleX has added 7 Reps to dominate other adjacent markets. See you out there!

If you are a Lead411 customer with a great data strategy and could use some help with the market domination approach, it would be our pleasure to speak with you. You can book time with Chad directly at

Good selling.

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