Helping quota-carrying sales teams crush quota with Virtual Sales & Business Development as a Service, Powered by Artificial Intelligence

You know why 50% of sales professionals miss their quota? Do you want more of your sales team to exceed quota, so that you can crush yours? can solve this for you…

How? We literally wrote the book on AI for Sales and have special “insider” knowledge of how sales teams who don’t have access to a sales or business development representatives leverage AI-Augmentation to automate prospecting and generate pipeline and bookings that resemble the top 20% of your sales team. As the great Og Mandino said in his book The Greatest Salesman in the World – “I will persist until I succeed”. By combining AI-Powered data, digital outreach through email/social/and digital paid-ads, and dials we help sales teams persist until they succeed!

History of

The company was originally called SalesHack, named after Chad’s first sales book that was published on August 27, 2015. Since then Chad has written four books, and was published in a best-seller by Tom “Too Tall” Cunningham.

The company name was converted from SalesHack to when Max Altschuler, head of marketing at, merged SalesHacker into and asked us to change the name. We politely complied out of respect for Max and Manny, and the Outreach team!

AI for Sales, How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Sales, exposes what is actually happening in the world of AI for Sales. As Joël Le Bon, Ph.D., says in the foreword, “in Sales, Time Kills Deals, in Modern Sales AI Kills Time!”, Multi-Channel Sales Acceleration, Powered by Artificial Intelligence, is the first book on AI for sales. In this book, Chad shares why companies should use multi-channel sales acceleration as a strategic weapon, case studies of companies who have deployed the tech stack, and best practices to develop, deploy and optimize the playbooks over time. Organic growth has become an essential element of business strategy.

SalesHack (the original book) was a “hackathon” powered by more than 25 of the world’s greatest “sales hacks” alive today. Since successfully launching the book in over 142 countries around the world, Evan Kesner, one of @SalesHack’s early pupils, launched SalesHack, LLC to deliver a full-service business development managed service for sales and marketers. SalesHack, LLC leverages sales hacks outlined in both SalesHack books, and delivers them to our clients.

SalesHack, The Original 25 Sales Hacks, was the prequel to SalesHack, and is a compilation of the 25 Sales Hacks that Chad Burmeister used to put ConnectAndSell on the map for advanced sales acceleration and conversation automation.  In this book, Chad reviews “the dinner hack” and several more that will change the way you sell and market to your target market.