Best Sales Intelligence Software 2020

At ScaleX, we’re often asked, what is the best place to buy leads?

And what is the best sales intelligence software on the market today?

My answer is simple:

ZoomInfo/DiscoverOrg is still the best if you are doing multi-channel outreach. In addition to all the AI they use to source data, and line up the ICP for you, they have three pieces of information that matter to sales: 1) direct dial phone, 2) Email that doesn’t bounce and 3) the LinkedIn URL to each contact. Accurate information matters!

If you are looking for a thorough analysis on your ICP, InsideView is a great way to strategically understand your TAM.

A backup to these two is SalesIntel.

Lead411 is unique because they track triggers like funding rounds, and hiring alerts, and then automatically feed that event to CRM. Truth in advertising we use ZoomInfo, DiscoverOrg and Lead411 at ScaleX.

Seamless and LeadIQ are great for lower-cost options, and data that is often “good enough” for most users. LeadIQ is great with a sales reps workflow (starting with LinkedIn), Seamless is a cool company focused more than just data. If you don’t follow Brandon Bornancin, you should!

Check out the G2 Crowd rankings here:\

Good selling,

Chad Burmeister

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